Tuesday, 9 December 2014

6 Fun Facts About #Christmas

#Christmas is a song I recorded in 2013 with the jazz band known as The Outlanders. Celebrating the recent release of its music video, here's 6 fun facts about the song:

1. It all started with Facebook!
Jenaé (my wife) and I had just come back home late from a show and we were having a chat. My phone vibrated and she felt compelled to stop and check it. I'd been tagged on in a Facebook post by our good friend Sophia. Feranmi, one of the guys from The Outlanders were looking for a spoken word artist for a project. Sophia tagged my name. Jenaé got excited and encouraged me to message the band member. I did that right there and then, giving him all my info.
2. Change vs. Change did the trick
Feranmi watched this video off my youtube page and was sold. He messaged me the details of the collaboration.
3. The song was created in one night
For a few hours in a studio hidden away in leafy Guilford, I met the rest of the team and the creative juices started flowing. The initial brief was to make an updated version of the classic song, 'rockin' around the Christmas tree'. We started experimenting and before we knew it...we were making something entirely new.
Trying to remix this classic was the springboard
to creating something entirely new!
4. The mysterious Whispering Woman...
After recording the band and my 2 verses, it felt like something was still missing. Cue in Jenaé's magical whisperings of 'it's Christmas'

5. The music video was filmed with a mobile phone!
Yep! The iPhone 4s to be exact. Filming credit to Jenaé!

6. We slept in a van at the end
The recording finished around 1am. Our train back into London was at 5:30am. We slept the rest of the night in the bands tour van. It was rainy and cold, but you know what? We would do it all over again if we could!

#Christmas - check out the music video here!:

Have an awesome Christmas!!!

Peace, Love & Spoken Word Finger Clicks!
Mr. K

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