Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Why I Became Batman

Wowzers! What a roller coaster journey it's been these past 2 years!

Back in January 2013 I sat in a room with JenaƩ Mills and a friend called Jonathan Owusu-Yianomah (producer extraordinaire, J.O.) and poured out my heart about this album I wanted to record called My Great Transition. It was to merge spoken word poetry with music in an avant-garde, radio-friendly manner. It was to be a concept album, sharing a very powerful coming of age story.

Back then I was wrapped up in several fears and insecurities about pulling this off, but these 2 excitedly jumped on board the vision and super sized it! They saw far beyond what I was seeing and literally fed life back into me. Enter in 2 more people (Rhoda Mhango and Delyn Pindai) and Team Batman was born. 

Team Batman?

Yes. Team Batman.

We called ourselves this after a superhero parallel was drawn between what we were trying to accomplish, and how my favourite ever coolest superhero in the whole wide world operated. There's a reason Batman isn't just a ridiculous man in spandex tights running around the Gotham streets at night fighting one petty crime at a time with a BB gun. It's because of his TEAM. Alfred, Jim Gordon, Lucius Fox....and Robin (I'm not a fan of the boy wonder, but I'll use him to make this point because I have no option!). Anyway, the point was Batman is the effective badass crime fighter he is because of his team. They contribute tactical support, technology, an effective cover, vital information and so on. As Mr. K, I had done all I could on my own for about 7 years. There had been some good accomplishments, but I was still lightyears away from having the type of reach and impact I knew I was supposed to. Enter in Team Batman:

J.O. (aka Lucius Fox)
JenaƩ Mills (aka Robin)
Rhoda Mhango (aka Alfred)
Delyn Pindai (aka Jim Gordon)
And the crime fighter himself...
Mr. K (aka The Batman)
This team was pivotal in helping me clarify the vision with pin-point precision, make a serious plan and stick to it. In coming together, we were able to create my web platforms (including this blog!), raise the level of my live performances, start gigging, connect with important organisations and eventually produce and finally release the record. 

The story of this album (its content AND the incredible behind the scenes journey) has too many layers to be properly unpacked in 1 blog post. Coming soon over the next weeks and months will be a series of blogs, posts, videos and newsletters* that will delve into the My Great Transition story. Stay tuned! Got some very entertaining content coming your way! ;)

In the meantime, why not check out previews of the album online and make a purchase? What you'll experience is a soothing mind massage of audio blissfulness that will smash all your preconceptions of 'spoken word' and transport you to a new world where living with vigour, passion and real purpose is the exciting reality. That's poetic mumbo jumbo to say - you'll like it! 

Let me know how you find it after you listen! :)

Peace, Love & Spoken Word Finger Clicks!
Mr. K

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