Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Great Transition (The Concert Review)

Have you seen the Eminem movie 8 Mile? There's that famous scene at the start (also in the Loose Yourself music video) where he's in the toilet, looking into the mirror and psyching himself for the task that lies ahead of him. That was me on 18th October 2014...

The stage was set, my band, singers, actors, dancers and production team were all ready and a crowd was gathering. At exactly 7pm it would be show time. This was the special stage production for the launch of my debut album, My Great Transition. 

The stage was set and it was all about to go down...
The time was 6:45pm. I had spent the past 20 minutes trying to put my contact lenses on. I was still stuck on the right eye - which was now getting red from all the rubbing. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. It wasn't working with the contact lenses. As much as I didn't want to wear my old, scratched up glasses for such a momentous would have to do.

I just needed a minute to calm myself down.

The past 2 years had been a whirlwind adventure that had culminated to this point. After over a month of intensive rehearsals and campaigning with my team, we were now going to debut this production to the public. There had been a lot of running around, nerves, stress and plain freaking out. We had set the bar high and wanted to present nothing short of excellence. But now it was time to put all the past behind and focus on the 'now moment'. I looked at myself in the mirror and kept breathing calmly. I prayed for a successful night. 

Everything will be fantastic tonight. 

Let's do this.  

I stepped out...and what followed was 2 hours of one of the most memorable nights of my life! In front of a very engaged audience, the team and I performed our souls out, fusing drama, singing, live music, videos and dancing with my spoken word. It was beautiful. Simply beautiful. All these elements came together to creatively present the central message on the album, which is to live with purpose.
But it was more than just a performance. This was real life. This was my life on display. My writing and performance style comes from a very real and personal place. Anytime you hear one of my spoken word pieces, you literally hear a piece of my soul. My Great Transition was birthed out of my own journey into maturity and eventually taking a stand to live my dreams, become an artist, become a man and become a husband. It was birthed out of resolving to live with purpose. By the time we neared the end of the night with the title track, My Great Transition, my eyes let the tears flow and others watching followed suit.  

What a night!

I would like to say a huge huge THANK YOU to the whole production team that made this possible. Those words don't do justice my feelings about what you poured into that night! Thank you also to everyone who turned up to watch the show and for all the incredible feedback so far! Lastly, thank you to all who've been supporting this movement by making a purchase of the album online and spreading the word. Whether or not you were at the show, if you haven't got a copy yet...check out the links below...and add me to your playlist!!! :)

Coming soon...a cool promo video of the night. Stay tuned! 

Peace, Love & Spoken Word Finger Clicks
Mr. K

Concert photos courtesy of Amartey Photography & Siyanbola Photography.


  1. Great night, looking forward to hearing more from this young man as the years go on...

    1. Thanks! There's many more things in the works! Thanks for the support...and stay tuned! ;)