Monday, 20 January 2014

Evil In The World

There's too much of it

I've tried lessening its impact by not thinking about it much

Maybe if I change the channel, it'll be better

Maybe if I just concentrate on things that are nicer, it'll go away

Maybe, just maybe I'll awake to see it's all been a bad dream...

But no

This is not the case

It still exists in full effect

Closing my eyes doesn't mean it's not there

There is too much evil in the world

Too much

And this fact has been weighing heavy on my heart of late

My mind has been struggling to comprehend it all

I'm here, happily married and loving my wife

Enjoying life with family, friends, money, clothes and food

While somewhere else, another suffers intense pain

Where do I start?

Do I begin with the children who end up missing and then get found dead?

Or what about the numbers of women being raped by one man or many at once?

Extremists torture and kill for a religious cause

Horrible murders take place with knives and guns

Hands are used in all manner of ways to inflict suffering

Lives are snatched terribly out of the lives of other loved ones

Their loss is much to bare

This is all but a fraction of the disjointed world we live in

Pleasure and pain coexist 

It doesn't make sense to me

I don't go too long having a happy moment before I'm reminded about the evil that is also present

What can a lone soul do in the midst of such overwhelming circumstances?

What can this lone soul do?

I don't have answers

All I have is my life

All I have is my love

All I have is my experience with Jesus

This is all I can share with the time I have

I don't know how much evil will lessen in my lifetime

But I do know that the best way to begin to dispel darkness is to shine light in it

Mr. K

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