Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My 5 Month Blogging Hiatus

My most recent blog post before this was almost half a year ago. I never planned to be away from blogging that long after I posted back in May 2013. A lot has happened since then...

6 Weddings & An Engagement
There was definitely something in the water this year. I attended 6 different weddings this summer. There were about 15 weddings that took place amongst my friends, but I could only attend 6 because of either prior commitments or the fact that some of them clashed on the same day! It was busy times as I helped out with bits and bobs for my cousin's wedding and performed poetry for 2 of them. Jena√© (my then fianc√© but now wife) had to sing at some and be bridesmaid at another. It was great meeting loads of family and friends I hadn't seen in a long time. They say weddings and funerals bring everyone together again. I'm glad it was the former in this case. 

At my cousin's wedding in July...
Congrats to the newly weds - Unell & Kishma, Robin & Richa, Ebenezer & Gemma, Edgar & Aline, Emmanuel & Gloria, Tino & Jessica, Tyrone & Maria, Sam & Jemima, Adrian & Adele, Mark & Vivienne, Charlie & Susuana and last but not least the newly engaged Goodwin & Christabel! Whew! Ok, now let's move on!...

My Wedding
You'd look this smug too if you knew your bride was walking down the aisle.
So besides all those other weddings, there was my own to prepare for too! This was such a roller coaster ride of a few months, but we got there in the end. It was such a beautiful day. My wife and I were really blessed by all the love and support from friends and family in the lead up to, during and even after the day. We've now been settling into the swing of married life. Be on the look out for my upcoming blog post entitled Why Did I Get Married? for more on this...

Mr. K Reawakens From Slumber
Enjoying the calm before the storm...

With the busyness of these months, the plans of world domination with my spoken word poetry took a bit of a back seat. It was especially necessary as I transitioned from the single life into becoming a husband. When you get married, there's a readjusting that has to take place as you now truly become one with your partner...but I can't get ahead of myself can read more about that in the Why Did I Get Married? post. 

Anyway here we are now, near the close of 2013. One of my main goals this year was getting married. This has been achieved. Another main goal was switching gears to do the spoken word/public speaking in a more full time capacity and put an album out. This is now in full momentum. The album is being finished, with an official single and accompanying music video soon ready for release.

This October month marks the beginning of my being active on public stages again (with 5 gigs already lined up). God is really good. The journey has by no means been an easy one, but if you don't make the effort to roll up your sleeves and live out your God given purpose on this earth, who is going to do that for you? The time is now to be who I've been made to be. I can't wait to soon bless you guys with the goods that we've been cooking!

In the meantime, keep your eyes on my Youtube channel for some special uploads over the next weeks ;)

And I can assure you the next blog post will not be in 5 months time!

Love, peace and spoken word finger clicks!

Mr. K 

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