Thursday, 23 May 2013

Troublesome Thursday

This poem is written in response to the sickening and brutal Woolwich attacks that took place on 22nd May 2013. It is dedicated to anyone with a beating human heart:

Sleep came difficult last night
Horrific scenes on the TV blazed across my eyes
Woke up today with my mind still uneasy
How could they have done that?
How could they have ended another human life so inhumanely?

Outrage and anger I feel brimming up within me
I feel sick and sad at the same time
I feel sorry for the poor victim who woke up that morning not knowing that’s how his day (and life) would end

I’m disturbed by the cycle of hate and violence
I’m disturbed by what 1 human can do to another driven by sick emotions such as hate, greed and self-centeredness
I’m disturbed that this one act we witnessed is common occurrence in other parts of the world
I’m disturbed the extents some go to fight evil with even more evil – as if that will make it just go away
It won’t

More evil just births more evil
Put the guns down
Put the knives down
Put away the racist, hate filled rhetoric
Do something braver, something smarter, something more effective…something much harder
And then let that drive you to fight these evils any which way by means other than sinking to the lows of these perpetrators

God help us all

Written by Mr. K.
RIP Lee Rigby

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