Thursday, 9 May 2013

How To Find And Keep A Girl...NOT!!!

I'm going to tell you 2 interesting stories. These events actually happened...

Story 1
Years ago I went to Nottinghill Carnival with a friend. As I came out of the tube station I saw this guy try to get a certain girl's attention. He liked her, and wasn't hiding the fact. Nothing overly special there, right? Well...what I thought was 'special' was how he tried getting her attention. So for some reason he had his hands inside his jogging bottoms. I'm not talking about the pockets though. His hands were inside his actual jogging bottoms at the front around his groin area. He just rested them there comfortably and then turned to the girl and said 'Oi! Come here innit'. The girl looked disturbed and slowly moved away.

Story 2
A few weeks back I was on the bus and overheard these 2 guys behind me talking about girls. The one who seemed slightly older and more 'experienced' was giving advice to the younger guy. He was telling him how to get a girl to be yours. He talked about how after you've made initial contact and have her number the way to lock her down is to constantly call her. According to this love guru, when you text her, your text will be competing with those from several other boys. But if you keep calling her, it'll confuse her and you'll always be on her mind. And then you'll have her wrapped round your finger

My Thoughts where do I begin? Each of these moments called for a big fat FAIL sign to be stamped across the faces of the perpetrators.

First of all, when did it become cool to feel up yourself like that in public and on top of that, still feel confident enough to talk to a girl during the process? And 'Oi! Come here innit'? Really? So my brother, what was your plan? You really expected her to say 'Wow, that is so romantic! What a man! Here I am, take me!'? 

If so, you must go back to the drawing board on what these words mean - human, man and woman. This will then open the door to the discovery of other words like these - respect, courtesy, self esteem, responsibility and love. We are not animals.

And as for that advice on the bus...this is all I gotta say:

That's all for now folks!

Love, peace and spoken word finger clicks!
Mr. K



  1. You had me from 'Don't be a waste man'.