Monday, 20 May 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday

Here we are again

Many people don't like you

But why is that?

They prefer your other brother Friday

And hold up Saturday and Sunday in higher esteem

You've been made to look gloomy and uninspiring

But why can't you be exciting in your own right?

You ain't like them other days

You represent a fresh start, a clean slate, a second chance

You present another entry point into another week of this year we find ourselves in

Here's more time to right our wrongs 

Here's more time to do better

Here's more time to make the most of every opportunity

Hello Monday

Written by Mr. K on a Monday morning

1 comment:

  1. Soo reading this 7 months after it was written lol. This is so brilliant. You've changed my view on Monday's. I will have to read this every Sunday for a while cause it might take some time to adjust my mindset. But just wanted to say thank you for a fresh outlook. I really needed to hear this, cause I really don't like Mondays : )