Thursday, 25 April 2013

Lucy From The Apple Store

I recently went to the Apple Store to collect my laptop which had been sent in for repairs. Whilst in there I was served by one of their workers named Lucy. As we waited for the laptop to be brought from the back room, we got chatting...

In that brief chat which lasted just a few minutes, I found out that this was Lucy's second job. She had just done a shift during the day in a hair salon and was training to be a hair dresser. That was her real passion. This second job was something to help fund her dream. I also shared a bit about myself working as a video editor and gradually transitioning more into the spoken word. One thing we both had in common was that our university degrees were in subjects far removed from the worlds we were striving towards now. We both wished each other the best as my laptop came and I left the store.

As brief and slightly random as that encounter was in the Apple Store, it had an impression on me. In this world of clones (people happy to accept the status quo and not really strive for much out of their comfort zone), it's encouraging to see another like myself who had the audacity to dream beyond the ordinary and work towards that becoming a reality.

For all the 'Lucys' out there working hard to live those dreams...I hope this song blesses you as it has me time and time again:


Love, peace and spoken word finger clicks!
Mr. K

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