Thursday, 14 February 2013


When I was a child, I talked like a child and thought like a child, I acted like a child. But when I became a man, I put away the childish ways behind me.

This chapter of my life is called Transitioning.

Within this year there are going to be some big changes taking place. Things have already been set in motion that will led to significant events like me getting married, living in a new house and having a major shift in my career. I will exit this year a different man from who I was entering it.

When I did get engaged on the last day of 2012, my brand new fiancé was a bag of excitement and giggles as she joyfully flashed her ring around to our friends at church. I was excited too, but another feeling started creeping upon me almost immediately. It was a slightly scary feeling. I started being overwhelmed with the reality and weight of what I had done. I had asked this young lady to be my wife. I had asked to become her husband. I had taken the step to hold a certain place in her life for the rest of her life. I had stepped into a lane that would eventually position me to be a father and the head of a household. I was going to be leading a family!

This is the look I had on my face when I realised the gravity of my actions!

I was all of a sudden made aware of just how much more I needed God in my life. He was the only one who was going to be able to guide my steps and grant me success as I made this transition. Without me closely following God, I was not going to be much of a leader in these life chapters to come.

The thing about transitioning is that the terrain keeps on changing around you but you gotta keep moving forward. God is the only constant in the midst of all this change, so your eyes have to continue being set on Him for the best guidance.

So here I am in 2013, continually dependant on God's presence in my life as I gear up for these major transitions!



  1. could not have said it better but i thank God for this transition in your life and the strength to follow it through even with that look on ur face lol

  2. Double amen to both comments! :)