Monday, 17 December 2012

The Christmas 2012 Post

So it's that time of the year again. Christmas already. It came by fast this year. I'm really really looking forward to taking some time off work and just chillaxing plus catching up with family and friends. Also, I've been loosing weight (which is a ridiculous thing to happen to me since I've never had much weight to loose in the first place).
I'm anticipating all the good christmas family meals I'll be getting during this time so I can pile back on the lost pounds.

This picture is not of my family.

But there's another thing that gets me excited about Christmas. Besides the cool festivities and celebrations that surround this season, I get to enjoy it on another whole extra dimension as well. It's a time to really reflect on and celebrate the ultimate gift God gave this world in the form of Jesus. Now that may spark absolutely nothing in the minds of most, but as someone in a relationship with Jesus, it means everything to me.

I've tasted what it is to have God Himself break through into my life when I was stuck in my own selfish way of living, reach out His hand, literally pull me out of my messy sinful life, forgive me, clean me and walk alongside me in a real powerful and life transforming relationship for the rest of my life. I have countless experiences of the blessings and benefits that have come from knowing Jesus personally and I encourage anyone reading this (whether you're of a particular faith or none at all) to stop and think beyond the other good things of this season to the main good thing - this 'Jesus-being-born-thing' that lies at the heart of the Christmas message.

Jesus - He's been making me smile since I was this cute.

And on that note, I'll leave you with a contemporary dance video I directed back in 2009 celebrating the Christmas message in style. Special thanks to JenaƩ Foster, Ricky Berkley and Enoch John for help with production...and not to forget the lovely and talented dancer herself Gemma Carson.

Merry Awesome Blessed Christmas! 


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