Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Art Of Trusting God (Part 2)

One day I found out that my cousin was being made redundant...

That news hit me like a ton of bricks. I was really sad for her. I knew she had given this job her all. She and her husband really needed for things not to go this way...but they had.

I also felt it because I myself had been on the job hunt for months up to then, with no success. Many other people I knew were either struggling to find jobs or also about to lose the ones they had. The general costs of living were spiralling onwards and upwards. In a nutshell, it was tough times for everyone.

You know that ill feeling when you open your wallet and just moths fly out?
As the feeling of hopelessness hit me hard, that was immediately followed by the urge to put some words together expressing how I felt. I grabbed my mobile phone and wrote out my thoughts about these hard times. Within about 10 minutes I had finished this new poetic piece. Reading it back, I was really encouraged myself, so I decided to actually send it out as a text to whoever came to mind from my phone book. I messages about 20+ people, and received many grateful responses.

This poem/spoken word piece was called Trust. Some time later I got to perform it at an event. Here you go:

I was rocked by the thought of constant job security and having lots of money never being 100% guaranteed at all times. This is truth...but how many times do we put all our trust and hope in things like that? Hands up from me! - a lot of times.

Now trusting God doesn't say forget bothering with money, a job and so on. But trusting God says good things in life come and go, but that's all they are - things. The only true guaranteed constant in life is God Himself. And as a Christian, I'm talking about Jesus specifically. He's the one we've got to put all our trust in...and He'll work out all the good plus all the bad for our (and His) ultimate good. Trust me, these ain't just words I'm giving you. I've been living this trusting God thing out for years now (with respect to finances, career, my relationship, etc.) and though it's been tough at times, He hasn't failed me...EVER.

Oh and by the way, I actually got the great opportunity to record a slightly altered and more charged version of this spoken word piece on the new live Elim Sound album, Sound of Hope. I'm on track No. 3 called 'Trust In The Lord'. Awesome album (and not just because I'm on it!). You can go pick it up here:

Peace, love and trust (in God).


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