Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Return of Mr K

I am a spoken word artist. I've been writing and performing for about 5 years now. My journey as an artist has not been without its complications...
 I've had some seasons of really going for it with the gifting, but then most seasons of literally tucking it away to focus on other things. These things that have taken majority of my focus have ranged from being busy with my career as a video director/editor to not feeling things were properly aligning themselves as I had wanted to in order to build a successful spoken word artist brand. 

But I've recently felt very stirred to just take a proper step out with this gifting. Some recent events have really opened my eyes up to the importance of what God wants to deliver through me. This is not a gift simply for my own benefit. It's primarily a gift to be shared with the world and really impact all listeners powerfully and positively. So whether I'm busy or not, whether all my branding and career plans are perfect or not, no more time will be wasted. World, I give you the return of Mr. K...and the beginning of him consistently putting out impactful poetry. 


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