Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Art Of Trusting God (Part 1)

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Ever seen that movie? There's a scene in there which has kept replaying in my mind of late. It's the bit near the end when Harrison Ford's character has to pass a series of life threatening tests to save the day.

One of the tests brings him to what appears to be the edge of a cliff where a deep drop separates him from his ultimate destination. This part of the test is the leap of faith. He's as scared as anything of falling to his death...but he knows he must get to the other side. What does he do?

He takes the leap forward...and ultimately the day is saved. There are 2 things that compel him to take this leap. First is that the information he is following has been thus reliable so far and leading him to make this leap. Secondly, his dad is dying from a bullet wound and the only thing that can save him is on the other side of this chasm. Therefore whether Indiana Jones feels like making this leap or not, he doesn't really have the luxury of just chilling and procrastinating on this decision. Circumstance has forced him into a corner with only one and JUMP!

I've had my fair share of difficult and gruelling situations. In fact there are challenges still facing me right now. I really begun grappling properly with this whole trusting God thing shortly after graduating from university into the aftermath of an economic recession. God was leading me to pursue a big vision regarding media production. I was graduating with a Chemistry degree. I needed money. While I was confident with being able to get that money with my Science qualification, I was not as sure how I would make a good enough living with my media passion. I kept finding myself less motivated to be driven by making money (which I cannot stress enough how much I really needed), and more motivated to make a difference with my creative gifts. I just felt really moved to use everything within me to bless the lives around me so that when I died and stood before God, He would say 'Well done for using the life I gave you for the purposes it was made for. Because of your obedience, other people benefitted from the time you spent on Earth'. I didn't want to face God once He punched in my clock to only be able to show Him 'Look, I made all this money and bought these big houses and cars and had fun and now I'm dead'.

Bye. We all gotta say it some day. What legacy will you leave behind?
The whole chasing money vs chasing dreams topic is not quite what I want to address here (that's reserved for another blog post...), but what I want to get at is that I started learning what it meant to trust God during this process. Trusting Him was simply this - believing what He was saying on an issue and living like it was actually true. Because I believed what He said and was showing regarding what I was meant to achieve with my creative gifts, I had to act like it was true. I had to stop being stopped by fear and just act in the midst of it. Indiana Jones was scared, but he still took the leap.

I once heard a speaker say something along the lines of if God has told you to fly, and He's told you it's time to fly but you don't yet see wings....jump off the cliff and grow wings on the way down. Faith often sees things BEFORE they've manifested in the physical. Faith without action to back it up is just empty words.

Question - If you were made to soar like an eagle, why are you living like a chicken?

Needless to say, a few years on I can confirm I made the right choice. I am not dead from starvation due to lack of funds. Many serious challenges I've faced in this journey...but I am now in a career that is fully engaging my passions and I'm making a living out of making an impact through it. So much has happened and there is still so much more to come. Trust and JUMP!


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