Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Tale of Two Creatives - The Video Guy & The Poet

This is the tale of how two creatives came to be. One operated in the world of video production and the other in the world of poetry. They were one in the same person....

Once upon a time in the late 80s and early 90s, there was a young boy of Ghanaian descent growing up in North London. His dad had a camcorder which he used to film loads of family events. This young boy whose name was Kwesi was quite fascinated with this camera. He was fascinated with how it could be used to film people about the house and then the footage could be watched back afterwards. He was intrigued with how reality could be captured like that and then seen on TV. Being an avid watcher of all sorts of TV shows it wasn't long before he started wondering about the link between these awesome TV shows and the production processes that put them together.

Kwesi was also a comic book fanboy and general bookworm. From a young age his head was filled very quickly with all kinds of narrative plots and writing styles. It wasn't long before just reading these stories wasn't enough. He had to write his own too. Among his initial attempts at writing were his own comic book creations (which included the world's first ever Ghanaian superhero - that he knew off) and a couple of chapters of ideas for mystery novels.

Some of Kwesi's influences growing up.
Fast forwarding to his school years, Kwesi took up Media Studies as a subject from Secondary School through to 6th Form College and absolutely loved it. He got to learn so much about the media and it sparked a light within him, making him start to toy with the idea of actually pursuing a career in this industry. That light was later put out though when the time came to go to university. You see, Kwesi was of Ghanaian descent as mentioned earlier. A generic African notion that prevailed at the time was that a career in the media was not a real or safe job. Kwesi was good at Science and so was encouraged more in this direction. He went on to pursue a 4 year degree in Chemistry at university.

Africa. Kwesi descended from this continent.
This had a large factor to play in his studying
Chemistry in university rather than Media.
Leading up to university, Kwesi's writing had taken a turn from story telling to rap. He fell in love with the way performers could arrange words to capture and woo an audience. He loved how people could connect and be moved by the cleverness and passion from a rapper. He believed he had it in him to do this. After many failed attempts, he gave up trying to rap and just focused on writing out what was in his heart without trying to make it rhyme. In his room in university one evening he wrote down words that flowed out his wanting to be in a relationship. He titled these ramblings 'My Eve' and actually recorded himself speaking it to some music in a mate's bedroom studio. Once this recording was released to a large number of the campus, the positive feedback received from others was simply unexpected and overwhelming. It stirred something within Kwesi and the spoken word artist/poet in him was born.

Also during his time in university, Kwesi eventually discovered that even though he could work hard and get by in his Chemistry degree, pursuing a career in this field was not quite what he was cut out to do. Everything in him screamed 'MEDIA!'. He got so restless until he did something about it. He got himself a camera along with some editing software and gave himself many different projects to do. In time, his editing and directing mind started being sharpened. So set ablaze was he by this all, that everyone around him started noticing. He spoke, breathed, ate, drank and slept media production. Even those who didn't know what he studied thought he was studying Film Making. It was only after he would tell them it was Chemistry that they would step back in shock like 'Huh? Chemistry?!? Why on earth are you studying that? It's so clear media is what you are meant to do...'. By the time Kwesi graduated from university, he was already set on what his path was supposed to be.

The 1st picture is what Kwesi used to do at uni. The 2nd picture is what he does now in video production. The 3rd is what he does as a spoken word artist. Please note, none of these pictures are actually of Kwesi himself.

Not only had he grabbed hold of an notion, but the notion had grabbed a hold of him and it wouldn't let go. That notion was that more than just a hobby, these creative tools (video production and spoken word poetry) were given to him for a greater purpose. He believed that he was actually created and put here on earth to use these tools to better the world around him.

I don't know why I wrote that story in the 3rd person. I guess it makes me sound more cool...

Anyway, that's a summary of key moments in my life that got me to the point I'm at now. I'm Kwesi The Video Guy (a video director/editor) and Mr. K (a spoken word artist). I've been running in my lane for a few years now and there's more to come. This is just...the beginning.



  1. Wow after reading that I almost feel like i know you!... It's amazing how the Internet can bring people closer together. Good luck on your journey Mr K the video guy.

  2. Thanks Daniel! Yea, I'm glad to share for the interest/benefit of anyone who wants to read. More to come, so stay tuned! Bless.